Ad update!

Back in the Fall our head designer, Emilie (pictured as Dana Berkowski) and sales coordinator/ Vibe Tech, Basil (modeling as Steve Simpson) linked up with the Bradley West creative team in Austin, TX. The idea was simple, put an updated spin on a classic Bula ad.
The result was nothing short of amazing and we couldn't be happier to laugh at a couple of our co-workers every time we see it!
Hiding hair since 1983!
It's an attitude!

See the updated version to the left and the original below

Still just wearing your tube around your neck?

Tubes are one of the most versatile outdoor accessories

Check out the video to see some of the many way to rock your Tube

At Bula, everything we do revolves around living “The good life.” A carefree outdoor existence that is colorful, relaxed, simple and mellow - a true reflection of the people and the products. In essence, life is good. We hope you like our stuff, but more importantly, that you enjoy a bit of the good life as well.

We are often thought of as only a winter company, but BULA products are made to keep you moving through all seasons.

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We at Bula have an attitude - We're enjoying life and having fun but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Between right side up and upside down - we'd rather be inverted !!!