About BULA

Since it's inception in 1983 BULA has been living the good life. On their way home from a month of Summer Ski Training on the glaciers of New Zealand two US Ski Team members stopped in Fiji for a break before retuning home to Colorado. They loved the casual laid back attitude of the locals, the fun colors and prints they wore. The guys were inspired and started making hats and headbands from similar colors and prints and sold them to their friends, family and a few local ski shops back home. They persuaded the US ski team to make Bula the official headwear supplier. With Ski racing so popular in the 80s they received worldwide exposure and Bula was sought after all over North America and around the world. You could say the rest is history!

Over the past 35 years BULA has grown into an international leader of winter headwear. Our initial offering of hats and beanies has expanded to include base layers, gloves, socks, and sweaters. With each year we add fresh new designs and technical fabrics to protect you from the elements. Bula is here to keep you warm during any outdoor activity. Whether it’s skiing, sledding, running or simply making a snowman, BULA has you covered.

" Bula Bula " is a fijian greeting that stands for " good life, health and happiness " values which remain at the heart of the Bula brand to this day .